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 Constiution and By-laws Discussion

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PostSubject: Constiution and By-laws Discussion   Constiution and By-laws Discussion EmptyFri Aug 06, 2010 7:23 pm

Well I cant reply in the Club rules and constitution area so here goes - OTT wow obviously someone has cut and paste down to an art - what a load of dribble. What happened to plain simple English - respect for others (that covers most rules) as for Smokers being fined - just shoot them - they wont do it again. When I asked for the rules to be stated I didnt think we would get the Treaty of Waitangi again - Basicly you want people to join - pay a small fee for the privilege of belonging - join in events and respect and support others. By the way - paid my sub 3 weeks ago and nothing changed - might as well have put the $50 in the pokies??
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PostSubject: Re: Constiution and By-laws Discussion   Constiution and By-laws Discussion EmptySat Aug 07, 2010 1:46 am

In regards to copying and pasting, the constitution is actually written in such a way as the
legal requirements to be in regards to the setting up of an incorporated club, which is a
future direction we will most likely be heading. Therefore, it makes sense to start the club
on the correct grounding. Many hours were spent by all the committee members going
over the constitution and individually writing each bylaw as to make sure all bases were
covered to protect the club and its members.

Sorry Graeme probably should have been explained to you that your members card and
plate surrounds will be given to you at the next club event as is the normal practice with all
new members. What you also wouldnt be aware of is that there a lot of things that you
have always had access to on the forum because you are friends or family with majority of
club members and had intentions of becoming a club member so were given full access.

At the conception of this forum, all forum members were intitially given full access whilst we
were in the process of determining and finalising the layout of the forum which is a time intensive process. Access was then amended for majority of members based upon their
membership status. However your access wasnt amended as indicated above.

Constiution and By-laws Discussion FTE Constiution and By-laws Discussion 2-2610
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Constiution and By-laws Discussion
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